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Hair loss treatment for women in London

One of the most common conditions that affect women is Androgenetic Alopecia.

This genetic issue causes thinning hair which can be found at the top of the head and the crown area, whilst the density of the hair from the sides and back of the scalp may well remain unaffected.

You may notice that you start to shed more hair than usual, and your parting becomes wider.

Female hair loss can also cause a receding hairline, where hair thins around the temples.

Women usually begin the hair loss cycle with the thinning of hairs on the skull as a result of increased hair dropping or a decrement in hair volume, or both.

If you are concerned about hair loss please contact us. We offer a variety of meso cocktails to administer in highly localised areas of the scalp by micro-injections. Artum Medi Spa offers effective Mesotherapy to treat hair loss, as well as thin and damaged hair.  In the treatment, our expert injects a calculated solution of vitalising compounds directly into the follicles of the thinning hair regions.  The revitalising serum initiates new hair re-growth, repairs damaged hair and lessens fall simultaneously.

This Mesotherapy is recommended for anyone who is experiencing recent or chronic hair fall due to various factors like nutritional deficiency, an illness, following the change of location, change of water used for washing the hair, hair fall due to weather changes, stress and various other factors.

Although the result of the treatment cannot be guaranteed, about 90% of our clients confirm the Mesotherapy for hair loss is successful. If the cause for thinning and losing hair is a hormonal imbalance and weakened follicles, the treatment would work like a miracle! The treatment does not take more than 30 minutes per session depending on the area of treatment. However, your head must have follicles in the thinned patches so that the treatment can make the hair grow.

The hair loss recovery course requires a minimum of 8 to 12 sessions of hair treatment with our Mesotherapy treatment to help stop the hair loss process. Each session must have a gap of one week. Results begin to be noticeable in about three months.  Contact our specialists to know further details and the therapy cost.

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