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Meder hydra-fill

Hydra-Fill –  a non-invasive wrinkle filling and deep hydration treatment, restoring the volume of static and dynamic water in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin and reducing the sensitivity of the skin on the face and neck to environmental factors.

For dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin, the Hydra Fill works to restore moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, while restoring its natural barrier function and enabling it to retain moisture levels more efficiently. Hyaluronic Acid, the skin’s own natural moisturising agent, replenishes the skin’s moisture levels and free radical oxidative damage is suppressed with a cocktail of powerful antioxidant ingredients. Skin tone and elasticity is visibly improved and skin will continue to retain moisture more efficiently.

To prevent recurrence of dry/dehydrated skin, a course of 5-10 treatments, 1-2 times per week, to be repeated once or twice a year is recommended.

  • Restores hydration levels and elasticity while barrier properties of the skin.
  • Smoothes small wrinkles.
  • Soothing and desensitising effects.
  • Heals, calms and reduces the appearance of blood vessels.
  • Brightens and evens out colour and texture of the skin.
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin.
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