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Herbal peeling – green peel in London

GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin. The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin.  Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixtures allows the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment to be adapted to individual skin conditions and the personal treatment goals.

The original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment is exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and doctor

1. GREEN PEEL® Fresh-Up  –  45 min – £110

2. GREEN PEEL® Energy     -   60 min - £170

3. GREEN PEEL® Classic  -  60 min - £220

3 or 4 days after the treatment, dead skin start to exfoliate and there is no need for special care. 5 days after the treatment, you have to come back for after peel treatment.

By nourishing, pores are closed and your regenerated skin will look clear and rejuvenated. Don’t forget to frequently put sunblock after the treatment.

Be careful NOT to wet your face after the treatment especially when you shampoo. You will be using only Home Care Kit for Green Peel Treatment.

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