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Environ hydra boost treatment in London

Water is the key ingredient for hydrated, smooth, and younger skin. If the skin is dehydrated, it will look pale and the first wrinkles will appear in the most sensitive places on the face, like in the area under the eyes, around the mouth, and so on.

Environ hydra boost treatment is the must have treatment for people, who have dry skin. This treatment is based on water, Hyaluronic acid, and other nutritive substances. Together they nourish the skin and supply the skin cells with more water in order to hydrate it and give your skin a fresher and younger look by reducing the fine lines on the face caused by dehydration.

The procedure lasts about one and a half hours, and it is suitable not only for women, but also for men. Despite hydration, this active treatment includes cleansing and toning of the skin, a deeply nourishing mask, and an application of special skin creams that will help your skin stay hydrated and nourished for a long time.

The hydra boost treatment eliminates the fine lines caused by dehydration and keeps the skin nourished, moisturized and glowing. The active substances in the hydra boost treatment penetrate into the skin immediately, so the results can be seen right after the treatment is finished with the skin looking better than before. Environ works on the 5th layer of the skin compared to other cosmetic procedures that only work on the 1st layer of the skin. Your skin will look brighter and will glow with only one treatment. The skin will become younger, nourished and hydrated. After the treatment, the person is given some skin care products, which contain vitamins and antioxidants for better results.

The Environ hydra boost treatment is especially recommended for people, who have dry skin. It is also the perfect procedure for them, if they want to eliminate the fine lines of their face, as well as nourish and hydrate the skin with only one treatment. The procedure works as an immediate boost to rehydrate the deeper layers of the skin.

This method also works as an anti-aging treatment. Some people use the Environ hydra boost treatment as a preparation of the skin for other treatments. Also, there are cases when the hydra boost treatment is used as a treatment between two other treatments.  


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