This method of face lifting uses the patient’s own blood based on the introduction of platelet rich plasma. The platelet cells deliver protein compounds  synthesized with the help of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into the body tissues. It is the chief method of energy production in our bodies.

An injection of platelet cells into the skin is like getting a “second life”. Re-activated metabolic reactions commence vigorously producing collagen, elastin and a natural hyaluronic acid. Renewed cell fibroblasts stimulate the birth of new cells in the skin layers allowing the skin to return to a young and beautiful appearance.

This procedure is safe from possible rejection or allergic reactions because of the patient’s own plasma is being used. Despite its safety the plazmolifting is still an injection, which means it can only be performed by a medical specialist. In Artum Beauty Suite we have a certified practitioners for plazmolifting. You can book a free consultation today.

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