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HIFU is a highly precise medical procedure that applies high intensity focused ultrasound energy to locally heat tissue through ablation.

Hifu Lab is a recently introduced HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) aesthetic medical device for those who wishes to take 5 to 10 years off their face and live a fuller and happier life like never before, a powerful treatment to tighten loose ageing skin on the face, chin and neck and flabby loose skin on the body such as the inner arms and the inner thighs as it reaches collagen, fibroblasts and deeper into the fat tissue!

No downtime. Treatments are usually characterized as painless and comfortable.

Results may vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.

Face – 30 min – £ 500
Full face and neck – 55 min – £ 850
Neck – 30 min – £ 400
Neck and jowl – 40 min – £ 450
Double chin – 20 min – £ 300

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