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Every day, week and month throughout our life we are living through a wide variety of emotions, each leaving it’s reflection on our face and causing facial wrinkles.

“Crow’s feet”, nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows are the first indicators of a womans age. You are able to remove these effects by the introduction of special medical products that help reduce the activity of the muscle receptors, relaxing the muscles and limiting facial expressions in a particular area. Gradually the skin gets smoother, looks rested and younger.

The duration of the effect may vary depending on your individual skin type and you will enjoy the absence of wrinkles for up to 6 months. The medicinal products are completely eliminated naturally from the body over time and do not affect internal organs. The repeated re-injection effect is faster and lasts longer.

The administration procedure of the injection is quick and painless, and a rehabilitation period is not needed. Injections do not violate the blood supply or effect the nutrition of the muscles so even with repeated administration of the injection, musclular atrophy does not occur.

The exact cost of the procedure and the required amount of the injection is determined after a free consultation with a doctor, but we have picked some of the most common set of procedures, with approximate prices which you can see below.

All of the prices shown are a guide and are confirmed after the initial consultation with an aesthetic doctor.

Consultations and treatments are carried out by registered doctors ONLY.

We use the most advanced techniques to make sure there is no bruising or swelling which ensures that you will be able to go about your day without any downtime.

A free consultation by our aesthetic doctor is strongly recommended:

Anti-wrinkle injections  
Frown lines / crow’s feet or 1 area £200
Frown lines + forehead lines or 2 areas £250
Upper face (crow’s feet + frown + forehead) or 3 areas £280
Botox for non-surgical Brow Lift £230
The Nefertiti Lift for rejuvenation of the neck and lower face £250

You can sign up today for a free consultation and our certified practitioner will select the required set of procedures for you.

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