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Increase of G-spot

The G-spot, an erogenous zone located inside the vagina and capable of producing intense sensations due to it’s high sensitivity and blood supply. When the G-spot is stimulated it swells, becoming larger and giving a women tremendous pleasure. But for women whose G-spot is under-developed, vaginal orgasm is not available: a large part of the vaginal mucosa has virtually no sensitive nerve endings,  and so there isn’t sufficient sensitivity to respond to sexual stimulation.

The principle of the procedure is to increase the volume of this small and mysterious erogenous zone. After an injection of a special preparation of hyaluronic acid, the G-spot increases in volume – hence, it becomes more accessible for stimulation and extremely susceptible to sensation. If introduced in the G-spot the drug normalizes cell metabolism, improves blood circulation, and enhances tissue tropism. As vaginal tissues increase in volume, they in turn become more receptive to stimulation.

Our G-spot treatment can also slightly reduce the amount of vaginal discharge, by reducing the hyper mobility of the urethra – the main cause of urinary incontinence that occurs due to age-related changes. The duration of the effect of the injection varies depending on the individual, but it takes an average of six months to a year. As the hyaluronic acid begins to biodegrade, sexual feelings may begin to decline but the procedure can be repeated if desired. This G-spot treatment can be safely repeated any number of times.

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