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Anti-Ageing Clinic

Anti-Ageing treatments and Sexual well-being are of the most important areas in determining the physical and psychological condition of a person.

With age, the amount of water in the skin and mucous is markedly reduced. Skin can appear dry, which is especially expressed if there is a lack of estrogen, as well as a loss of subcutaneous fat, decreased skin tone and elasticity of the genitals. The effects of childbirth can also leave undesirable marks on a woman’s body.

Aesthetic and functional deficiencies in intimate areas can sometimes interfere with sexual self-confidence or well-being on both a physical and psychological levels. Sexual intercourse with such changes in the anogenital area may not deliver the former pleasure or may be causing discomfort or intense pain. Age, which is sometimes hidden under makeup and clothes, is exposed in these moments of intimacy and a younger appearance could become a distinct advantage.

We’ve picked a set of procedures that improve the quality of sexual well-being of women and men, making their sex lives rich and full, and the most intimate human organs young and attractive.